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A Light Layer

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※  Monthly Wearable Wardrobe Post ※ 
Each month, you'll receive a post, where I discuss how I chose an outfit and how I decided to style my knit to go with it—to inspire you in ways to experiment with styling your own knits!

Coupon Codes
What does it mean?
Some of the amazing companies I work with asked if I wanted to share exclusive coupon codes with you! Of course, I said yes! I will pass them along to you when they pop up!

Warm and Snuggly

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※  Everything in the $3 tier PLUS ※ 

※  Monthly What I'm Creating Post ※ 

You get a backstage/behind-the-scenes look at the knit designs I'm working on each month PLUS more current creative projects that can inspire your own creations.

※  Monthly What is Inspiring Me Post  ※ 

You get a peek inside my super curious brain at what has been inspiring me each month. Whether I have found some new Instagram accounts I am loving, a plethora of knitting articles, a new book or a color that I am obsessed with! With a researchers mind and a never ending curiosity, the content will always be different but will inspire your own creativity and curiosity!

Bundled Up

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※  Everything in the $3 and $6 tier PLUS ※ 

※  Monthly Virtual Knit Night  ※ 
If we are all building a knitwear wardrobe, let's hang out and do it together! Once a month we will have a big old party and get together to chat and knit and show off what we are working on. 

※ New Pattern Releases for FREE ※
As a bonus, I will also provide a coupon code—good for only that month—for new releases! This means that any time I release something NEW you as a Bundled Up Patron get that pattern for free. 




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About Erineen Designs

Welcome to my Patreon page!
Hello, I'm Erin, the knitwear designer behind Erineen Designs. I have a passion for helping others get the most out of the pieces that they create for their wardrobe, by making them wearable. As knitters, we spend so much time thinking about yarn and knitting. Then about buying the yarn and knitting the thing, but do we wear it? Not always.

Let's all work together to find ways to make things that we will not only love to knit, but will happily wear, too!

Why did I join Patreon?
To really connect with all of you and to build a community and a place to discuss and help others to be more mindful and intentional about knitting!

I've been on a journey, over the last several years, to be more mindful in my choices and it's really made me think about the things that I make and how they fit into my life. When I started knitting, I found myself making whatever looked interesting, in whatever yarn was pretty but at the end of the totally enjoyable knitting process, I often said to myself "Now what do I wear this with?" And the answer was often, that I didn't fit it in and it went in a basket. I moved onto the next pretty thing to repeat the process all over again.

Somewhere along the way, on yet another cold day—which is par for the course in New Hampshire where I live—I realized that even though I was chilly, I had nothing to wear out of the house that would go with my outfit. So I stepped back and thought about what was I reaching for, that I didn't have? I started there, and I created it. I created the shapes that worked for me and my body, in the colors that worked for my wardrobe. And everything became easier. Now when I get dressed in the morning, I can usually grab any piece of knitwear I have made and it will go with my outfit. All by giving a bit more thought to it on the front end.

I am so excited about this topic and I feel like it can help others, so I got the idea of joining Patreon to share all of these things with you!

What will I get by supporting you?
Well, definitely my gratitude! At this moment I offer three different levels which will give you access to different bonuses! You can read in the left column there all the things that you will get access to in each level. If you have any questions, please reach out to me, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much!
I so appreciate any support you’re willing to give!

By supporting my work, you're making such a huge difference because you are allowing me to fund my creative pursuits, grow as a creative, support my family and share all of the things that I am doing with you!

I have so many dreams and goals for Erineen Designs, and I feel so incredibly fortunate to be a part of this amazing knitting community and to be able to share my thoughts and work with you! My goal is to help you to create a knitwear wardrobe that you will love and wear, so that you can get more enjoyment out of your beautiful creations.

Your support means so much to me, and helps me to keep doing what I love, to pay my bills and dream even bigger. It will give me the opportunity to keep working harder to create even more and share all of that work with you.

Thank you so very much.
$82.97 of $500 per month
I have dreamt of a life where I can create all of the wonderful things that I think about day and night! I am taking a chance with this and am so thrilled that you are on this journey with me! I know I am reaching for the stars with this first goal! How amazing would it be to reach this milestone?!? It would allow me to create more wonderful things—more designs, more local workshop content and in turn more content here!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts

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