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  • A unique pamphlet mailed out 3 times a year to your door
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  •  Includes a pamphlet mailed 3 times a year, an original colour collage and access to all content
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About The Invention of Flowers

Dear Friends,
I've been making abstract paintings for two decades - in bedrooms, tiny apartments, in schools, with kids, and in studios when the time and resources have made it possible. My work is mostly inspired by everyday objects and in fact over the years when time and money appear to be scarce, the practice of engaging mundane things as sources of creative possibility has been immensely nourishing. Please join me in exploring some of the resources and processes that help connect to the natural creative impulse, to the world, and to each other.

Practically speaking your pledge would help me pay studio rent (which has recently become unaffordable) and the costs of hiring a babysitter so that I can spend time in the studio (I'm a mother too). It would support me in the time I spend writing for our local newspaper as well, which is entirely run by volunteers, and help carve out a path towards a bigger project that reaches out into the community. I’m not sure what shape this will take exactly but I’m excited about working with people through art in some way.

I will be sharing process images and ways of seeing that inform my abstract painting process, images of works-in-progress and "bad" paintings, inspiring and influential artists, book reviews from my work as a reviewer in the local print-only paper, posts and images about the magical island where I live off the coast of Newfoundland, mother-artist related posts, mental health and spirituality/consciousness, sacred art practices, and architecture.

For more information related to the why of all this please see my first post "What's this all about"

My website is

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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