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About Erin Ptah

I'm Erin Ptah, and I make webcomics!

But I'm A Cat Person
: Two ordinary graduates adopt a puppy…which turns out to be a magical shapeshifting battle monster. Now one of them is involved in a soul-binding ownership contract, rich and powerful people are lurking around looking to challenge them, and they still can’t find any companies that are hiring.

Complete! (2011-2020)

Leif & Thorn: Sparkly queer bilingual fantasy comedy. Dragonslaying hero Thorn Estragon is assigned to guard a foreign embassy, where Leif is working to pay off a mysterious debt. Thorn doesn’t speak Leif’s language too well when they first meet — but he’s about to find a lot of reasons to learn.

Featuring trauma recovery, slow-burn romance, cross-cultural communication, and trying to pick the perfect song for karaoke night.

Ongoing! (2015-)

Webcomic Woes
Slice-of-life strip about the perils of being in webcomics fandom. Patrons get early access.

I make these stories because I love them, and in the meantime I've had a string of day jobs to pay the bills. But I would love it even more if the comics paid the bills.

That's where Patreon comes in.

The Patronage

Readers like you are currently supporting the full upfront cost of the comics, including art supplies, website hosting, and toys that distract the cat from stealing my erasers.

Extra patronage goes to covering General Life Costs. The more patronage I have, the less time I need to spend on non-comic jobs. Which frees me up to bring you even more art!

Become a patron and you'll get exclusive bonus content, including:

  • Monthly exclusive wallpapers. All gathered in the wallpaper tag. From BICP and Leif & Thorn -- usually trading off alternate months, unless I'm on a roll with one.
  • Cameo in the strip of your choice. Details in the Cameo FAQ.
  • Custom art. Check out sample chibis created for patrons already.
  • Exclusive bonus comics. Read a new page every two weeks, at Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots.
  • An archive of other bonuses. Short stories, art resources, and more things that I have for sale on other sites are in the free stuff tag for patrons.
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No matter how you do it, my Executive Assistant (shown above) and I appreciate your support!
$228.63 of $300 per month
I'll start doing regular livestreams of comics-in-progress. Like, not the sporadic tests I've done already, there'll be an actual schedule.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts

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