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This tier unlocks access to videos of completed songs Ill post here, its also to support the channel and fund better equipment! 

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Monthly you can request one beat saber song! In your choice of in stream, or recorded then shared to you in clip form. I will also post more songs that I complete here, you will gain access to viewing those. 

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Monthly you get to request 3 songs for me to do, either in stream, or in clip form and messaged to you. You will also get a shoutout at the end of every single stream I do. Along with access to patreon videos of completed songs. 




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About Erisolx

Hey! Im Erisolx from twitch, I play beat saber regularly, normally on mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, and saturdays though it varies. 

I mainly play beat saber but as I grow I plan on playing more VR games :) 

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