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I really enjoy making mods and creating stuff!

I really don't like asking for donations... So this is awkward! Ahh!

My journey with PZ modding began with a small script for TheGoodOldDayz server and was hooked ever since. For the past 2 years writing and updating these scripts has kept me sane :)

I take these mods seriously. There is nothing I love more than tweaking things and tapping away (sometimes all day and night!) to make a change that improves the game for others!

Becoming a Patron will help me to keep the mod train rolling along for everyone. Every little bit helps.

Modder for Project Zomboid
Assistant admin on TheGoodOldDayz server
$31.32 of $1,000 per month
If we can reach this goal I will begin working full time on a major mod for multiplayer servers. Further information about this mod will be posted as we approach the target amount.
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