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Welcome! I'm so glad you found me here.

  Who... eh... What is Erleen Nada?

I am a musician, video artist and vlogger. I have 2 bands that I sing and write music for - "Erleen Nada" and "Ripe Vessel" (a reference to the film 'Being John Malkovich'). I've been a recording artist for over 10 years! My
music is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and iHeart Radio and more.
My song "Peachy Keen," received rave reviews, and was picked up by the German record label Destination Pop who released the track on a 7" vinyl record in 2011.
My music videos, and vlogs (all about life in Los Angeles and my journey as a musician) are on my YouTube channel.
My goal now is to release one new song and vlog every month.


What is Patreon and how does it work?

Patreon is basically a way to give a tip to your favorite artists every time they produce a new "thing." My things are: songs, music videos, films, vlogs and podcasts. These pledges (tips) allow artists, to produce more of the things you love better and faster. As a thank you - you will get special reoccurring awards for pledging your membership. YOU choose how much you want to pledge, you can cancel anytime, and you can also set a maximum pledge amount per month.

Every patron who's supporting me is important to this community, YOU'RE who I'm creating for, and I'm glad you found me here. Whether you're backing me for a dollar or ten dollars...THANK YOU.

Reoccurring Rewards include:
  • Downloads of all of my songs as they are released monthly. (1-2 new songs a month).
  • Access to patron-only vlog posts, where I share personal stories, show you how I make my music, videos, discuss podcast ideas with you, and more!
  • Access to behind the scenes video footage from music videos, film projects and podcasts.
  • Patron only podcast newsletters.
+And more! See tier options.

Why Pledge?
Over the past 10 years I've had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from all of you on my music and art. And I've grown so much as a musician and artist. Every new song, and video I put out just gets better and better! I have SO many ideas for songs, videos, podcasts and films! I always try my best to use every free moment to work on all my projects and create as much as possible. But doing these things can be very expensive, and difficult to do with a very limited amount of time - which cuts back on my productivity by a lot, and prevents me from being give you all what you've said you loved. This is why I'm asking for your pledge. When you pledge - not only do you get some cool stuff, but you also become a integral (and crucial) part of this epic journey that I'm on now towards creating songs, music videos, podcasts & films.

Thank you!
I am extremely grateful to my patrons who allow me to have a reliable source of funding for my songs, music videos, films and podcasts. This funding allows me to upgrade my music and video equipment, to hire an engineer to mix and master my albums, have vinyl albums produced, buy props for live shows, hire a manager, rent out locations for films etc. But most importantly, this funding gives me the time to create it and then give it ALL to you. It opens up tremendously more opportunity to make better material and make it far more often.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many things will you release a month?
I usually put out 2 - 3 things a month, including songs, videos and vlogs. That said, when you sign up, you can choose how many times a month you'd like to support in case you'd like to support no more than once or twice.

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?

Yes of course! You can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

What if I only want to support 1 or 2 things a month?

Easy! When you're checking out, select "Set a monthly max". There you can specify how many times a month you'd like to support.

What if I want to support more than the highest tier?
WHAT. Well, er, um, if you'd like to do that, you can simply write in whatever amount pleases you during the check out process. And then maybe I pass out or something.

Does Patreon accept Pay Pal?

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?

Nope! Everything is shown in US dollars on the website, but you may use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

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As soon as we hit 40 patrons I will give an exclusive (patron-only) YouTube LIVE STREAM performance.
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