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About Erorus

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page. I'm Erorus, and I've been making a bunch of web apps for the World of Warcraft community since The Burning Crusade. With your help, I can keep these apps running, and possibly make more, all without ads cluttering up the place.

  • My most complex site is The Undermine Journal, which tracks the prices of all the items and pets in all auction houses available in Blizzard's API. I even got an item for it. ;)
  • Its sister site is Booty Bay Gazette, which does the same for all US and most EU realms for WoW Classic. Since Blizzard does not provide an API, getting pricing data is a little more... involved.
  • An alternative pricing site for Retail WoW is Oribos Exchange, which still provides historical pricing data in your web browser, but with an interface very similar to the in-game Auction House UI.
  • There's a little site I maintain called Does the API Work which helps me and other API consumers know whether there's an issue on Blizzard's end of things.
  • @RollingRestarts is a Twitter bot that posts when Blizzard updates their server alert messages shown on the login screen.
  • For app developers, I put together a DB2 Reader PHP library, which helps extract data from the game database files.
  • And to extract those database files from Blizzard's archives, I wrote a CASC Extractor tool, which also powers a CASC Gateway for quick downloads of game files.
  • Finally, there are some API Discussion RSS and API Bug Report RSS blue trackers, so your RSS reader can keep tabs on the API forums.
I've made a few other sites that come and go, depending on what players need. (RIP WoW Token Info, Realm Pop, Quick Armory.) Unfortunately, to keep these sites online costs money. I have to rent servers that are fast and reliable. I have to spend time developing new features, fixing bugs, and helping users. Like most websites these days, I turned to ads as a source of funding.

But I don't like ads, and most of you don't, either. Patreon gives us an opportunity to fund these sites without ads. I'd like to give that a shot. With your support, we can keep these tools running while protecting our privacy. Thank you!
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At this level of support, I can afford to make all accounts at The Undermine Journal "paid subscriptions," so everyone can benefit from ASAP notification periods. This will remove Paypal (or any kind of payments) from TUJ altogether.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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