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Folks who offer $5 or more per month get to hear an unreleased track once a month, before the rest of the world! This means sometimes even getting a peek into styles I am exploring that otherwise would not grace your ears until I had finished a whole collection of similar music. This way, you also get to play a role in helping me decide which directions to explore sooner rather than later!

Exclusive Sample Packs

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Folks who offer $15 or more a month will get to download a mini sample pack every month made from my original field recordings, treated in ways that make them useful for music production. Up until now I have only done this for my own personal creative process. If you're a music producer, this means some fresh organic free-range textures in your sample library on a regular basis, without even having to leave the studio. ;)

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Offering $50 or more per month entitles the patron to an hour of focused 1-on-1 music production lesson time, in which I will apply my understanding to helping them develop the skill of their choosing.




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Hello! :::)

My name's Bobby. I've been making experimental electronic music for the past 17 years.  I've put out something like 27 albums and EPs under the name Erothyme since 2009. I've toured across the US and just slightly beyond (Canada and Panama) for the past 9 years. I make many styles of music, from gentle and serene cinematic downtempo all the way to twisted, heavy, fast glitch music, and all kinds of things in between. I often work solo, and I also collaborate with a number of other artists. I've spent most of my life focusing on this path and I haven't looked back - it's definitely what I am good at, what I love to do, and probably my best shot at positively impacting this world.

Somehow in the process of focusing my whole life on making the best music I possibly can, I must have missed a memo or two on the subject of making a living doing it, because even though I am working hard on more projects than I can count all the time, I still have been struggling to make ends meet. I often wonder if this will get in the way of my chances of reaching my full potential as an artist and as a source of inspiration for those who enjoy my work.
Much like many other artists, I'm here on Patreon in the hopes that, with a little bit of regular support, I'll be able to focus more of my energy on continuing to make my highest possible offering to the music world, and less on simply trying to survive.

For every act of support, I am grateful, and committed to showing my gratitude through the work that I pour my heart into every day!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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