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Hello there! A big warm welcome and a great big thank you to you! You are such a lovely person! 

With the Bat tier, you'll get access to exclusive content (such as first dibs on pieces of art and WIPs I haven't posted to social media, pin designs and early-bird glances at new products!)

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About E.R. Whittingham

Hello, good day and a howdy-do to you! My name's Emily Rachel Whittingham and a big warm welcome to my Patreon page!

I would describe myself as a 'whimsically gothic' artist. Inspired by classic horror and vintage American animation; I paint, draw and sometimes sculpt cute and creepy characters ready for you guys to enjoy! So far, my cast of creations include cute zombie girls with skull headed animal friends (or foes); beautiful baroque vampires with outrageous hair and mermaids with a bit of bloodlust. And that's just the start!

I set up this Patreon page as an opportunity to connect with others and share these whimsically gothic folk with the rest of the world!  Your money will go towards creating my various characters and creatures in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That includes buying paints, polymer clay, canvases and various other art materials. Furthermore, it'll go towards being able to meet you lovely lot by participating in art shows, fairs and all sorts of events! :)

There are some lovely little perks if you do choose to become a patron on my page! These include; original miniature pieces of artwork (both 2D and 3D!), enamel pins, handmade jewellery and candles, art prints discounts off my Etsy shop, exclusive sneak-peaks at what goes on in my little studio, and the warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting the arts!


If you want to find out more about me and my stuff, my website is https://www.erwhittingham.com

And I also have a lovely little Etsy shop too!: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ERWhittingham

Have a lovely day!
E.R. Whittingham
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I can create not just more art but stuff to put them on! This includes prints, mugs, notebooks and yes, MORE pin badges; all of which could be offered to you as part of your rewards! ;)
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