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My goal is to create art and entertainment that inspires the overwhelmed to overcome. An overcomer myself, each challenge brought with it a lesson that I know wasn't just for me. So, I write to share, and I sing, because I care. See, I've lived too much to merely entertain. So, I aim to prevent pitfalls or help someone up from theirs. If that sounds like a journey you want to be a part of, then come along with me to make more than just beautiful music, or memorable music. Come and together let us make LIFE music. Music that tells The Truth and shows The Way...

New to Patreon? It's just how we come together to get this music done, as Patreon provides my supporters with the opportunity to partner with me in this process through monthly contributions to things like production costs... You know we're starting with music, but we've got the play, film and web series to follow. So, let's get it going, Fam! Lives are waiting.

Your Sister Me - Eryn Green
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You've overcome an overwhelming circumstance or two yourself and want to help me lift others up. For $5, you’ll not only have ALL ACCESS to my songs and videos before anyone else, but digital song lyrics as well!

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Having triumphed over many trials, you're not satisfied standing in victory alone, so you've come alongside me to help others cross the line from being victims to victors. For $10, you’ll not only have ALL ACCESS to my songs and videos FIRST, and digital song lyrics, but my behind-the-scenes videos too!

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My first goal is to have 100 patrons, because together we can do so very much more, and reach ever so much further than I can as 1. Think potluck. Alone I may have a meal, but together, we have a feast enough to feed the multitude.
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