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ALL Women are desirable, sensual creatures capable of great passion and being fully satisfied. If I could show you a way to become that woman, you would be interested, wouldn't you? 

75% of women can need a little help with this goal. You may have a busy, stressful life, or not have the right opportunity (or understanding partner) to explore your needs fully. If I had a way around all that, you would be interested, wouldn't you?

I'm not talking about a pill, with unpleasant side effects or endless, expensive therapy. Nor is this anything to do with sketchy dating apps or potentially risky ways to meet someone new. Instead, this is all about you feeling safe and secure, being cared for, having your desires understood and your satisfaction better achieved.

Here at eSensualWellbeing you can get that safety, care and understanding. Here you can access a little guidance, exploration and self discovery as well as some excitement along the way to realising your true self. Now that is interesting, isn't it?

The technique of Directed Visualisation I developed and perfected* has a proven impact. There are more than 11 million listeners to my work around the world, many who have provided genuine feedback confirming its significant effects and benefits.

Now, with eSensualWellbeing, I am embarking on a new project. A programme to address the needs of that 75% of Women. I need your generous support and Patronage to continue and complete its development.

*Essemoh Teepee is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming who has been creating uniquely effective immersive sensual audio experiences for women for more than 10 years
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You will be helping with the creation of a unique programme of experiences and exercises to address issues of libido which most women have at some time in their lives, but without the use of harmful chemicals.

You get access to the blogs and updates on the project as well as discounted access to specific products and experiences.

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As well as helping me create the programme and having access to the Patron blogs and updates on the project , Participant Patrons get bigger discounted access to specific products and experiences. You will also get beta access to some of  the elements of the programme as they are developed. 

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Associate Patrons have all the benefits of Participants but you also get to be an exclusive part of the programme. You will be consulted at all stages of the development process and your views will be directly taken into account. 

All Associate Patrons will receive a unique, personalised programme which addresses their specific needs and desires after one full year of support at Associate level.

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When support reaches $500 per month I will be able to devote 1 full day equivalent, per week to the creation and production of new content. That means an extra audio experience once a month.
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