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About Esfinges, Women in Historical European Martial Arts

Esfinges is the first female international HEMA network, created to unite and support women martial artists and other minorities, as well as to encourage more women to take up the practice of Historical European Martial Arts.

We started our journey 6 years ago, with a humble idea that since then it has taken off, to become a huge project with a lot of growth capacity but lacking the tools to do so. 

Through this years we have provided Women with a platform where they can connect with others, allowing them to feel more confident and supported and helping them be the best they can be through their HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) journey. 

Our platform provides :

A closed forum for Esfinges members, where they can talk confidently in a troll-free environment.

A Facebook page, in which through positive images, memes, and videos, we try to break the taboo of "HEMA not being for Women" one post at a time. We want people to know that anyone regardless of age, skin color, religion, gender or sexual identity, belongs to HEMA. 

A Website, created with the intention of being a welcome spot for anyone who wants to learn more about HEMA, providing them with tools and answers to the most common questions, helping them connect with clubs and creating an upfront inclusive environment. 

A blog, created as a platform that allows women voices to be more visible, as well as discussing HEMA related and women focused subjects. We aim for our blog to provide the missing information women need to make their HEMA experience the best possible. 

A store, offering HEMA apparel that reflects inclusion. 

Sponsorship, support, and tools to events, clubs, and people aiming to create safer, friendlier and more inclusive environments for their clubs and events. 

Esfinges remains as a great place to learn what the needs and situation of women in HEMA is, at the same time as a great place to make new friends, learn and teach, empowering women to reach their goals. 
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