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You've bought a prop! Your donation has helped us get that special item which makes our show unique. It might be a tennis ball, a single red rose, or even a cactus! But whatever it is, you made it possible. For this tier you'll receive access to our patron only feed and exclusive content from our productions!

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You've bought a costume piece! A camo jacket, an elaborate hat, a pair of trainers. Thank you for helping our actors transform into soldiers, witches, regular people! For this tier, you'll receive access to our patron-only feed, exclusive content from our shows and mentions on our social media platforms and in programs. 

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This is a big one... can't have a play if we don't rehearse! You've bought us a few hours in a big rehearsal space (way better than my living room...). These hours are invaluable to our performers and transform the show from a good one to a great one. For this tier you'll receive access to our patron-only feed, exclusive content, mention on our social media platforms and in programs as well as a postcard signed by the cast and crew of our latest show!




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About Esmond Road Productions

About Us

Esmond Road Productions was created by actors Maria Makenna and Erica Martin. Both from different creative backgrounds originally, we came together to study classical drama at LAMDA in the UK. At drama school we were a majority female class but we noticed that the repertoire being studied catered to male actors. This might be expected from classical and Jacobean plays, but even the contemporary plays we studied had this problem! This prompted us to found our own feminist theatre company and create more roles for women. 

Our first successful play, Sophocles' Ajax, was directed by Maria and starred 6 amazing female actors (including Erica!). It also featured original music which Erica wrote and directed. The show got great reviews and was an incredible experience for the company. You can see stills from the show and watch the trailer on our website.

Our next show is Euripides' The Bacchae, directed again by Maria which will be going up at The Bread & Roses Theatre in London September 17th-21st (buy tickets here). We've assembled a brilliant cast for this show set in the underground club scene and we can't wait for people to see it!

Why Patreon?

We as a company are committed to paying our creatives at least a stipend for the hard work they do. Believe it or not, in a fringe setting this is a rarity! Adding to this marketing costs, paying the theatre, renting rehearsal space, costumes and props, it becomes an expensive venture which isn't guaranteed to be covered by ticket sales. We had several generous donours to our Indiegogo campaign for Ajax so now we're looking to establish a consistent creative community of supporters through Patreon.

Patreon allows fans and friends of the company to pledge as little or as much as they want without committing to any kind of monthly membership. Even as little as $10 can make a huge difference to the company. We're asking for donations per creation which means every time we make something, your donation contributes. We'd love to start by doing 2-3 a year and if we had enough pledges, we could do it!

How much do creations cost?

When you're talking about a production of 6 cast members plus director, stage manager and lighting design and doing a box office split with the theatre, costs are around £2700 for a one week run. As mentioned before, this amount covers marketing costs, paying the theatre, renting rehearsal space, costumes, props and stipends for creatives. If we raise half that amount through Patreon and half through ticket sales then we would leave every production in pretty great shape. 

What do you get as Patrons?

Perks! Depending on how much you pledge, you can receive access to our patron-only feed (exclusive content which won't be shown on social media) special mentions in our stories,  Esmond Road merchandise, personal thank yous from cast and crew, and discount tickets to our shows. You also get to be part of a budding creative community of women who are working hard to open doors for themselves and others.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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