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is creating video tutorials, demos, gear reviews and music. All 80s related

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I'm Espen Kraft. I'm from Norway and I've been doing music almost all my life. My true passion is 80s inspired synth-pop music and that is what I make today.
When I decided to start up my YouTube channel 3 years ago, it was my passion for 80s music and the desire to keep that alive that inspired me to do so.
On my channel I show synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, music tech gear, computers as well as tutorials on composition and production.
What inspires me to make music is also important, and everything associated with 80s pop culture will fuel that creativity. That's why I also make occasional videos about other 80s related stuff. Everything that will act as an ignition key in my DeLorean time machine. ;-)
Since I started making videos on my YouTube channel I've seen a steady rise in interest, following and appreciation of what I'm doing there. It seems I'm not the only one in love with the 80s and that's awesome!
Here's an example of what I do:

I love doing this and if YOU feel you want to be part of this adventure, I thank you! Your support, no matter how much, will make it possible for me to do more videos. more often and more retro fun! :)

42 of 250 patrons
Well, this is my first goal. I have no idea if this amount of patrons is a realistic goal, but I hope my content quality, passion and love for what I'm doing bleeds through and make this goal a reality. And if I reach this goal of 250 patrons, I will release some of my music on physical medium, like vinyl and/or cassette! :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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