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About Esrakt - The Forgotten Enemy - Fantastic RPG Game

To whom it may concern,

My name is Emir. I am 28 years old,married and have a daughter. I am a former Human Resources Specialist, and striving to become a Game Developer. I started up a company named Chef's Choice two years ago. My colleagues and I have been working on the projects which are a video game and a story book series. The game is a RPG and is about a fantasy world with its extraordinary creatures.

First book of the trilogy is called "Esrakt - The Forgotten Enemy"is being written both in English and Turkish.

I got encouraged to create a video game and write its story with my co-workers after I received a considerable amount of valuable reviews. As a result of these positive comments, I quit my job as a HR Specialist and finally focused and put all my energy into game development.

During this two years learning process, we went to three Game Expos in Turkey and had received good critiques and comments.

Consequently, as a team,each member are giving a great effort to make this dream come true.

If you help and support us in any way, it will be greatly appreciated.