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Think of it like this, you go without finding that bunch of coins on the ground at the subway once a month, and in return you get access to my abridged photosets! (These sets usually making up around a fifth of the full shoot, just me picking out the best of all of the pictures before posting the best of the best elsewhere)

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This tier gives you access to the full version of almost every shoot I do, usually made up of a few hundred pictures, good and bad throughout :)

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This tier gives you access to the photosets of the more risque shoots I do, such as any lingerie or boudoir shoots :) (Of course, with the permission of the model of each shoot, though this applies to all of my posted shoots anyway)




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About Jesse Beecher

Hey, I'm Jesse! I'm primarily a portrait photographer in the Tacoma, WA area, just looking into a good way to share my works with whoever's interested, and maybe make a little spare change in the process. No payment is obligatory to enjoy my work though! Just check out my Instagram page for the majority of my best work :)

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