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    4) "From the Library of Shadows: a Greylands sourcebook" by NecrosisBob
    5) "Shattered Chains" by Dark Pulse (sequel to "Thornback")
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About Etaski


My name is Etaski.  I am an independent author loaded with long, full epic fantasy stories exploring sexual magic, light and dark, not for the faint of heart. If you seek immersion, have a curious mind and a bold heart, if you ask questions and want to see how big a world can be, you might enjoy Sirana's journey in The Sister Seekers, and the continuation of Sirana's family in The God Wars on Patreon, now in its fifth book.

I completed the epic the first time 2012-2017. Intricate, adult Dark Elf Fantasy.  I posted it for free (3 million words long, 25 books), gaining my wings and finding my audience. I am now rewriting a final draftand publishing these as The Sister Seekers on Amazon. It is a massive undertaking.

My collaborators, Axelotl, Dark Pulse, NecrosisBob and Gazukull, have created more than 100 pieces of (often adult) fantasy art, fiction, and setting material. These are collected and available as patron rewards, and more is yet to come! We also have a Discord server for chat and talking about the series!


I am writing THE GOD WARS while I rewrite and publish THE SISTER SEEKERS.
In Sister Seekers Books 1-6, I better introduce the work as a whole.  I am planning 20 books in the series. Patrons supporting this effort will see edited, polished ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks, with custom cover artwork by Eris Adderly. The order and flow through the series will look much different from the submissions on Literotica. The Sister Seekers is my final draft of the original story.

THE GOD WARS is the second epic, whole novels written for my supporters who read the first version of Sister Seekers, or just want to see this massive project complete. :) 

Find all current news my new website!

Thank you for considering my Patreon. I enjoy being in touch with my readers during this exciting time!   All my best,   ~Etaski
82% complete
I will begin experimenting with audiobook formats, starting with a short story reading with input from patrons.
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