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Eternal Kingdom is a multi-team raiding and social community on US Proudmoore (Alliance) and US Area 52 (Horde). While the majority of our members are full-time raiders on one of our many teams, we have social members that enjoy the community, as well. We also have a community event team that ensures something is always going on for any type of player—and we mean it. Whether that is semi-hardcore progression raiding (we have several CE teams every tier), meta achievement runs, contests of all varieties, or one of our many weekly fun runs that are open to anyone, there is always something going on in EK. We have several unique features to our community. We have a training raid team which helps teach players who want to step into raiding or step up their skill. We also have a Mercenary team which contains members who are unable to commit to a raid schedule but have raiding experience/skill to help out raid teams if they are in a pinch.

Our success and growth can largely be attributed to the guidelines everyone in Eternal Kingdom respects and abides by, the Three Pillars: Professionalism, Progression, and Collaboration. While there is healthy, friendly competition, our raid teams support each other and cheer on each other’s victories in raid progression. The success of all our members, not just raiders, is supported and celebrated by the community at large.

One of the best parts about being a part of Eternal Kingdom is taking part in our charity events. Twice a year we hold 12 or 24 hour key carry stream-a-thons to raise money for various charities such as Crisis Text Line, Child’s Play, Direct Relief and Toys for Tots. Over the guild’s lifetime, we have raised over $16,000 for charitable causes.

If you would like to give something back to the community and receive unique rewards in return, you have come to the right place! Here, you can earn rewards by helping us fund our web presence and tools to make Eternal Kingdom even more awesome! Every little bit helps, so thank you for even the smallest pledge, though do not by any means feel obligated to do so. Membership in Eternal Kingdom is based on merit, not money. We thank you for your support!

If you would like to learn more about our community, please visit
$75 of $100 per month
Reaching this goal will ensure the smooth operation of Eternal Kingdom's services as well as provide tools and licenses to guild leadership to help make Eternal Kingdom the community you all know and love!
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