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Welcome to Eternally Board's Patreon Page! We are a board gaming podcast and Youtube show that focuses on the heavier issues in the board game industry (social issues, community issues, publishing issues, etc.). Our goal is to provide a show that is unique and relevant in an ever-crowded field of board game podcasts and shows, and to foster inclusiveness and diversity in the hobby. 

If you enjoy the work we do, please consider donating a pittance. It will help us keep the lights on.   :)

Visit our website for episodes and more information!

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Should we be fortunate enough to reach this goal, we will be making several changes to our format:

-We'll purchase a new laptop with Livewire that will let us use our studio mics and improve the sound quality (we already have the mics).
-We'll have a professional help us redo our website and graphics.
-We'll add some more tiers with rewards.
-We'll release episodes more frequently (once a week, ideally).

100% of your donations will go towards helping us improve this podcast. Thank you for your support!
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