Ethan is creating RADD 3D ART and VIDEOGAMES

$1 /mo
THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Means the world to me. Getchu some text post updates & pic/renders/GIFS fam, you're an official member of #RADDSQUAD now

$2 /mo
Why just be cool when you can be TWICE AS COOL?? You get all the rewards of the $1 tier plus TWICE the thanks. Thank you thank you.

$5 /mo
AY THANKS! In addition to the previous tier, you get high res renders  of some of the things I'm working on, AND to participate in polls when I need some feedback or direction.

$10 /mo
You SMART, you LOYAL; I RESPECT THAT. You get more detailed progress updates on what I'm working on, exclusive BTS renders/sketches, and occasional "how I did it" posts

$15 /mo
Tell ya h'what: in addition to all the Radd Rewards™ listed before, you get occasional downloadable goodies like exclusive builds, practice models, code resources, and the like + all previous tiers!