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About Ethika Politika

What is Ethika Politika?

We are an online magazine helping to create better, healthier ideas about the Catholic Church in modern life. Since acting responsibly requires a deep grasp of reality, we help form Christian consciences by exploring the Church's moral tradition, and by speaking simply to individual people. Our goal is to promote an integrated and honest viewpoint of the Church, her mission, and teachings.

What makes EP unique?

We publish essays that tackle a single idea, and that avoid over-generalizations or sweeping conclusions. We encourage our writers to discuss things as they would over coffee, with a friend.

Ethika Politika
's guiding principle is that "wisdom serves prudence." In other words, we believe that the sapiential knowledge of the Church, through faith, can inform and direct the ancient, natural virtue of prudence in a meaningful and attractive way.

Thanks to all of our readers—and especially our current members—for supporting what we do!

Best regards,

Andrew M. Haines
Founding editor

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  • We believe strongly in the power of good editing. Our writers tell us how grateful they are for the time and attention we dedicate to developing ideas with them. We'd like to pay our editors—and writers—more for their efforts.

  • We don't sell ads because we want our content to "breathe." We reduce our agenda as much as possible. We cover all software and hosting costs internally. These are things we're committed to no matter what. But they take lots of time and energy to make possible.
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