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The embedded C++ programming world is not well served by the standard library due to its reliance on dynamic memory allocations. This library was an attempt to create a compatible extension to the STL that would enable embedded C++ programmers to have the same access to the same facilities that the regular C++ coder uses.

I began work on the Embedded Template Library in 2014. It grew out of a desire to not have to completely re-invent the wheel every time I changed jobs. I already had many of the basic concepts but never had the time to develop them. In late 2014 I had some free time to try to put these ideas it practice. And so was born the Embedded Template Library (ETL).

Unfortunately, the bills must get paid and doing the day job does not leave a lot of time to spend extending and improving the ETL. I'm looking for patronage to allow me to spend more time working on the library.

The ETL is open sourced under the MIT licence which allows royalty free, non-exclusive rights to the library source for commercial and non-commercial development.

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