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About Etzoli

Hi there!

I'm Etzoli, and I write things. Mostly, I write long-form web novels that are heavy on dialogue and characters, with chapter word counts that a friend once described as "the perfect amount of time to finish a full-course meal." At the moment, my primary focus is The Last Science, the story of a fading town in the Pacific Northwest that stumbles upon magic in the present day, and the people who have to figure out what to do about it. The first book of the story is done, with several more on the way. 

This Patreon is here to provide something back to readers who've fallen in love with this story like I have, with the dream of someday being able to write full time. I'll be offering up chapters in advance, as well as a direct line to me via Discord where you can poke me about whatever you like (though I won't spoil anything.) 

I offer a few chapters in advance for patrons above the base tier. These will be made available via Patreon posts in PDF and EPUB form, which should also load into most reader apps on phones/Kindles/etc. pretty well too! Consider that a neat bonus for chipping in a few extra dollars on this grand adventure.

Thanks to everyone who's supported me so far. I'm a sysadmin by trade, but a writer at heart, and I don't plan on stopping ever. I'd love to do this full-time, if I could afford to, but money won't ever stop me from writing. When I finish The Last Science, I have plenty more ideas to come, so I hope you'll stick around. 


The Last Science

No one ever knows the whole story...

Nestled deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, something is emerging. Kept in absolute secrecy, it seeps into a fading town, quietly shared from person to person. For Alden Bensen, a directionless high school graduate, this discovery could mean an escape from his empty existence. To Rachel DuValle, perpetually underestimated and dismissed by the world, magic represents a chance to become something much greater than herself.

In the face of an unsuspecting world, their decisions shape the growth of a budding society discovering untold power. This potent force offers anyone the power to change humanity forever—or send it cascading into swift and total annihilation.

I've also completed another novel called Epilogue, a post-fantasy psychodrama about a group of high school students who come back from an adventure in another world. You can find that one here on RoyalRoad.


In the war-torn land of Cyraveil, four heroes strove to overthrow an empire by cold steel and elemental sorcery, and brought peace to a warring land on the brink of destruction. As the flames died, the realm needed strong leadership, and who better than the champions who had saved the kingdom? But when the people sought out their saviors... they vanished.

Matt, Blake, Jen, and Carl: the mysterious companions who together had deposed an insane ruler and saved countless lives, were gone—spirited back in a whirlwind of magic to a sleepy suburb in Mellbridge, Oregon, never to return. The friends found themselves home in the real world, exactly as they'd been the night they were taken, as if no time had passed... except only three came back.

Benefits Information:

Advance chapters will be offered in EPUB and PDF format through Patreon posts. These advance chapters may have less editing and are subject to minor changes up until posting to the public. I'll do my best to notify advance readers of any significant changes. If you want another format besides EPUB and PDF, I will do my best to fulfill that for you (as long as it's not unreasonable)

At all tiers from $3+ (access to magic), you can also get ebook versions of my older books (Book 1 of TLS, Epilogue, etc.) for your reading convenience. To get these, please poke me in Discord. These come in PDF or EPUB, but again, if you need another format, I can try to get it into that for you. The tier 3 channel will also grant access to the magic Discord channel for premium users, but be aware: I reserve the right to remove you from this channel for any reason. You will not lose any of your other Patreon benefits if this occurs.

All tiers will have access to my Patreon blog posts, which are attached to each chapter post and include details about that chapter, including insights into writing it, explanations behind the chapter titles, anecdotes, musings, and other blog-ey things. These start at Convergence — Chapter 41. Questions about any previous chapters can be directed to me in the magic Discord channel.

I will post work-in-progress information about my current stories in the premium Discord channel for subscribers. Anyone with Premium access will also have a chance to beta-read future non-TLS works.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me on Discord and I'll let you know!

Header image background is from tombud on pixabay.
10% complete
I'll actually be able to consider writing full time! This means more chapters and faster chapters for you, more one-off side novels, etc. I'll still have to work somewhere part-time on the side, but I can actually focus in on writing as the primary career here instead.
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