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About Georgia Ray

I'm the membrane-bound organism behind Eukaryote Writes Blog. I sometimes get really interested in certain topics and do a bunch of research on them. One day, I decided I should write about the results on the internet, and it turns out that people just let you do this.

Common topics include biosecurity, microbes, animals, existential risk, and effective altruism. I'm also interested in gender, minds, academia, the food system, and whatever else moves me. I like quantification and digging into scientific literature.

If you enjoy my work, here's a way to support me and give me a little incentive to write more often.

If you want to read about something in particular, you might prefer to commission me, or talk to me about other ways of supporting specific research. If you just think the things I do on my own are neat and want to see more of it, this will help. (That said, one of the patron-only options is a poll for voting for upcoming pieces.)

I'm probably not an effective charity, and you likely shouldn't donate to me if you're short on cash or already giving all of your spare funds to one. But I am the kind of person who writes about biosecurity and honeybee welfare for fun, and maybe you want more of that? Anyways, feel free to reach out if you have questions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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