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In addition to the short stories and chapters, you'll get access to my weekly "takedowns"--older stories and book chapters of mine sliced open laterally and internally rearranged, trimmed, edited. Takedowns give you an idea of my editorial approach, how I finesse stories up to a publishable level of quality. This level gets you AT LEAST eight substantive chunks of my fiction per month, writing and editing tips (along with copious self-owns) included.

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On top of the short stories, FEARFUL SYMMETRY, and the takedowns, you also get a free PDF copy or Kindle ebook of any of my ebooks released while you're a patron. You'll also get an even deeper peek into my process, with occasional posts of notes and outlines for forthcoming stories, AND access to exclusive essays, film reviews, occasional interviews with other authors--that kinda thing.




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First off, THANK YOU just for taking a look at my Patreon—it means a lot to me that you're here! If we haven't met, I'm Evan, and I like to play with words. I've been doing freelance writing off and on since I was 14, and over the years I've racked up credits in film and comics journalism, comics proper, and news writing, in addition to a string of short stories and poems in mostly small-press anthologies.

I haven't "hit it big" yet as a writer, and I don't really plan to with this Patreon (though wouldn't it be nice...). I have "day jobs", as a bartender and a grad student, that keep me busy, and a lot of my free time goes toward editing web and print content for Black Ship, a small publisher and pop culture journalism hub. I've edited a few authors' short story collections too, but those gigs are hard to come by, and, honestly, I'd rather devote that time to telling my own stories.

That's where this campaign comes in. I come from what is euphemistically termed a "low-income" background, and clawing your way up as (ha) a science fiction writer, or as (hahaha) a humanities scholar... isn't the easiest thing. Living in the DC area ain't cheap, and I'm doing my best to keep up-to-date on my student loans payments, on top of rent, car insurance, living expenses—you get the point. I worked full time through undergrad, and I'm not looking to change that with this Patreon.

I'll try to give a representative sample of my writing with the stories I publish here, but most of the fiction I write falls on the more speculative side of the SF&F milieu. I'll write your ear (eyes?) off with detail about tech when it's important to the story, but I don't ordinarily write "hard" SF. Some of my stories (like Fearful Symmetry and Manifest Destiny, the two novels I'll be completing and publishing with your help) speculate about the nature of social change and what it means for the world to "end". Others, like "With Gilded Wings" and "Millions of Suns Left" (two of my short stories you'll read) meditate on those short, climactic or bittersweet moments where human life abuts the infinity of time, space, and history.

There will be a few different types of posts on this feed (take a look at the TIERS on your right to see how rewards break down), that will break down roughly like this

  • Posts that are just fiction will include biweekly chapters of Fearful Symmetry and (in the off-weeks) short stories. 
  • Takedowns are extensively annotated PDFs of my older writing that I'll revisit 3-4 times a month. With my takedowns I'll revisit my first novel, the (unpublished) dystopian romance Manifest Destiny, as well as a whole slew of my short stories. The marked-up documents will show you how I edit my own work, how I trim and revise per publishers' feedback, and how I add tension to the plot and nuance to characters in the revision process.
  • I'll also announce new writing projects here. With the "Full Feed" you'll be the first to know about anthologies I'm accepted to, anthologies I'm editing, books I'm writing—the whole shebang.
  • From time to time and with your input, I'll generate other content too. This could range from movie and book reviews or interviews with indie authors to more elaborate stuff like podcasts, audiobook versions of my stories, etc. Let me know what you'd like to see!

The schedule will vary a bit from week to week based on what else I have going on, but in general, expect those short stories and chapters to come early in the week, while takedowns, with lots to chew on, will drop on Friday and make for great weekend reading.

I'll wrap this pitch up now. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to the space below for rolling updates on my active writing projects.



TwentyOne7 is the latest startup to take Silicon Valley by storm. Led by Paul Sadher and Teddy McAleth's engineering wizadry and Michael Merritt's salesmanship, the company has revolutionized the fields of quantum computing and machine learning in the space of five years. Their technology is being deployed throughout the world in stock trading, mass surveillance, biometrics, and even to anticipate the worsening effects of climate change as regular mega-storms begin to threaten coastal settlements.

But, just as their products are beginning to transform human life, the founders of TwentyOne7 find the ability to control their creations slipping away. Not only are their machines advancing in unexpected ways, sometimes displaying inexplicable or seemingly hostile behavior, the computers are being purchased faster than they can be produced, gobbled up by banking corporations in New York or Beijing, or acquired under the table by the American intelligence community—all as Michael begins to doubt his own sanity and Paul and Teddy begin to suspect a plot to steal the company's most prized prototype, the supercomputer URIZEN.

A story of corporate intrigue and technical wizardry in the vein of Ben Bova, combined with the scope of Neuromancer and the civilizational stakes of Margaret Atwood's MaddAdam trilogy, Fearful Symmetry follows a group of childhood friends who change the world. It's about the toll success can take, on people and on the planet.


With the veneer of civilization burned away by nuclear fire, America is left baring its soul, and it isn’t pretty. On a mission from the Rockies to the Atlantic coast, a soldier happens across a young woman in the Tennessee woods. Suspicious and resourceful, hardened by years alone, America Walters (“Amy” for short) is the last person Jack would have expected to join him. When she saves him from a group of bandits and marks herself for death in the process, however, he's left with little choice. Her childhood home in flames, Amy is left to redefine love and loss as she is thrust head-first into what's left of a world she never knew.

A work of post-apocalyptic Americana, Manifest Destiny combines the emotional resonance of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road with the widescreen action of Stephen King’s The Stand. This novel asks what it means to be free, what's worth dying (and killing) for—and what it was that made America.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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