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Every dollar helps to keep EGC going! By pledging any monthly amount, and simply showing up at the shop, you're showing a commitment to the community that we endlessly appreciate. When we meet our Patreon goals, you'll receive access to the stated patron-exclusive events!


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Thank you so much for your support! All patrons at this tier can enjoy a free drink at the shop once a month. Get something fancy - we just can't promise latte art unless you'd like a cloud.


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You're amazing! Patrons at this tier can come by once a month for a free entree and drink. In addition, you'll get free access to our supply of acrylic paint and brushes. Come by and use them any time! There are ceramic pieces available for $5 each, and you're also encouraged to BYO minis or other projects.




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About Evanston Games & Cafe

Thanks to our fantastic community, Evanston Games and Cafe has thrived! We opened in January of 2017, and the growth we've experienced has constantly reaffirmed our dedication to providing an inclusive space where all are welcome to comfortably gather, game, and enjoy some great food. In pursuit of that goal, we've expanded the demo library, added additional seating, and regularly rent out space for a variety of larger events. Local Evanston institution Celtic Knot supplies the stunningly delicious soups, sandwiches, salads, and baked goods on our menu. On top of all of that, we have wonderful employees - this is no longer a one-man show!

You are the ones who make so much of this possible. Keeping a brick-and-mortar shop above water in Evanston is tough - let alone a board game shop - but you've helped to make it happen.

There's no denying that EGC has been growing, but with our business model, income tends to go toward expanding our inventory, providing employees with additional hours, and general upkeep and maintenance of the store. We're eager to make some much-needed expansions and improvements, and continued community support will be enormously helpful in making that a reality. With the help of the incredible "patronage" we've reached our first goal of adding electrical outlets to the cafe bar to facilitate those long hours of homework, coding, and more. We've also upped our cafe output with a double-wide panini press, and have installed additional storage! Future goals include improved air conditioning and other accommodations in our back room and additional updates to the kitchen, such as increased fridge space for grab-and-go cold sandwiches and salads.

Why a Patreon instead of a one-time fundraiser or cash infusion?
While the stated goals are at the top of the list right now, so much more will be possible with a sustained bump to the store's monthly income. Most importantly, it's a core value of the EGC team to provide competitive wages to employees. We're beating the Evanston minimum wage right now, but would like to increase that to at least $15/hour sooner rather than later. Long-term, we'd like to have access to larger event spaces in downtown Evanston. Someday Eli should actually pay himself a reasonable salary. The possibilities are endless, and we'll be listening to community requests throughout our (hopefully) continued growth.

Along the way, EGC will continue to prioritize inclusivity and a welcoming atmosphere for guests of diverse ideas, beliefs, worldviews, and experiences. As our code of conduct states, we strive to provide a space that is family-friendly and comfortable for people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, ages, appearances, and abilities. Thank you for always helping us work toward that goal!

$1,000 - reached! per month
We would be able to do so much with this incredible level of support. We could start to think about renovations that would give us more space to expand into. We could improve our advertising and social media presence. Further kitchen updates (a bigger fridge, a freezer, etc.) would allow a great variety of menu items. What upgrades to EGC are YOU hoping to see?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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