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Blue Heart SFW zone
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Welcome to my blog! You now have access to many things as sketches, WIPs, Timelapce of portraits/busts sometime, and more!

Only SFW artwork.
This Art Pack include:

  •  ❤  Access to patreon feeds (WIP, Sketch SFW)
  •  ❤  Hi-Res 3500px+ of SFW and Portraits 
  •  ❤  Video Time Lapse for Portraits (time to time)
  •  ❤  Step-by-Step for SFW and Portraits

You will get full ArtPack of month via Dropbox link in PM.

Pink Heart NSFW 18+ zone
per month

This Art Pack include: 

  •  ❤   All previous from blue heart
  •  ❤   Access to patreon feeds (WIP, Adult, Mature) 
  •  ❤   Participate in Polls
  •  ❤   Hi-Res 3500px+ of Adult,Mature artwork
  •  ❤   Step-by-Step for Adult, Mature and General artworks 

You will get full ArtPack of month via Dropbox link in PM. 

Gold Heart NSFW 18+ zone
per month

This Art Pack include:


  •  ❤   Participate in polls
  •  ❤   Hi-Res of artworks (3500px+)
  •  ❤   Step-by-Step for Adult and General artwork 
  •  ❤   Participate in Polls and inside activities
  •  ❤  Access to Patreon Only Artwork "Patreon Heart"
  •  ❤   2 Additional version of Fanart (cum, pubes)
  •  ❤   Psd file with layers and steps inside
  •  ❤   Video Time Lapse
  •  ❤   You will available suggest variants to Poll

You will get full ArtPack of month via Dropbox link in PM. 



About Eva Solo

Hello, dear guest!
Im Eva, I much like draw adult pinups with sexy characters.
I try to made more artwork and stuff for you, but i need to work more to keep life going, and i thank for all your support and each dollar is keeping me draw)
All that i can gave you is there on my blog.

What SPECIAL you will find in MY Patreon blog?
❤ You  can suggest an ideas for my next illustrations and choose tumbnails 
Access to Patreon Only Artwork "Patreon Heart" - You suggest and participate in Poll and finished art will not post anywhere else 
❤ Access to exclusive sketches, wips and all that not posting in social galleries ❤
❤ All my patrons have 5%(or more~!) discount on commissions and priority service!! 
Hi-Res art is over 3000px for all artwork, PSD, Video Time Lapse ❤
Participate in Polls and YCH (suggest characters, pose, thumbnails

█ Previous Art Pack for purchase you can find here:
  ❤ https://gumroad.com/evasolo
Just ask me for discount coupon)
Each month (about 5-7th of month) i will send you an artpack with all staff, link via dropbox in PM!
█ Also, many files uploaded in each post. Use tags to find content!
█ If you are my patron and want commission from me with discount:
At first, decide what you want, use pricelist. Than, send me a message to eva0art(@)gmail.com , title: Patreon Commission From "your nickname" , write you correct patreon name, describe you idea, and i will contact with you!

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