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About Even Better Lark

Love is something we all need - isn’t that right :) ? We as Matt and Paula, more properly known by our musical artist names, Deficit and Tamara Bharata, love each other deeply!

imagine this- you’ve moved to California with massive dreams after hopes unrequited led you to realize that there must be more to the world than small town American south living.

You’re living out of your car now though, barely getting enough to eat. 

You are not able to shower, and almost no one cares.

But you’re not hopeless, because you’re not alone. 

We need help from anyone and everyone who has money to share.
We need basic things- food, water, showers, an opportunity to do laundry, gas for our car, and options for places to stay that are safe. 

Matthew, also known as Deficit Bharata, teaches online saxophone lessons! His private practice includes a single student, which means he only brings in about $140 a month via PayPal for him and Tamara to live off of.

Its just not enough. We are dirty and hungry.

What do we have to offer our potential fans and members?
since 2016 - we have released 196 complete music albums available for sale and also free listening at this website:


Please support us ! We are 30 and 35 years old and our life needs to move forward. We need help to survive and most of all, to keep creating. Thank you!

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