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Hi, I'm Brittnie and I like to create a variety of work: realistic landscapes, semi-realistic portraits, cartoons, isometric environments, gouache and ink illustrations, and much more. Although I make a variety of work, common themes include nostalgia, warmth, peace, and happiness. My goal with my art is to take viewers to a happier and cozier place. 

I decided to make a Patreon because I want to offer more to the attentive members of my audience. I want to share what I know and offer benefits to those that support me the most. 

So, what is Patreon? How does it work?
  • Patreon is a private community, almost like a private social media, for content creators and fans
  • you pay a pledge (ex: $5 or more) to have access to content on your favorite creator's page
  • the focus of Patreon is supporting creators, for whatever they post or are working on
  • if you become a patron, for a minimum of $5 a month you have access to exclusive content and interactions with me that I am unable to offer for free on social media, simply due to the amount of time it takes; Patreon pledges and my patrons make it worth my time.
  • pledges are paid upfront (the day you become a patron)
  • pledges are paid on 1st of every month
Here on my Patreon, you will find coloring pages, tutorials, WIP's, sketches, a look into my life, and more. I am open to sharing my process with everyone, and think positive and educational communication in the art community is important. 

Thank you for visiting my page :)

♡ Britt
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At 100 patrons I will send each of you a free sticker in the mail ♡

Please make sure to include your address in your pledge, or message it to me.
Once I get the stickers, all current patrons will get the sticker (ex: if we reach the goal but I have more than 100 patrons by the time I am sending the stickers out, all current patrons will get the award, not just the first 100).
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