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A gigantic THANK YOU for contributing to the chan chan! It means a TON to me that you would contribute, even though you know you can get content forever for free. Every single gentleducer gets a limited edition sticker and a cool keychain wristband key holder thingy! Just send me a message here on Patreon and I'll get it to you!

Another perk for EVERY PATRON is that you get eveRide shirts (including patron-only limited edition shirts) AT COST through some super special magical links! Shirts are normally about $22. For you they're about half that!


per Adventure Motorcycling Short Film
You’ll get early access to videos and content, including inside looks at the scripts, rough drafts, video edits, and the scoop on my filming and editing process, as well as YouTube tips!

I am running out of time to answer every comment on the main chan chan, so the gentleducers (patrons) will get first priority in messages, comments, etc on the Patreon feed!

You’ll have a voice on what kind of content you want to see on the channel. Reviews, moto-poetry, cinematics, personal stuff… I would love your input to direct what kind of content makes it to the main channel.

You’ll get first notice about events like private tours, meetups, rallies, and even limited print runs for shirts, stickers, and other everidey stuff!

And finally, you get access to the Gentleducer-only Facebook group, where you can post your own adventures, get first access to videos, and chat with me and other ADV enthusiasts! 

per Adventure Motorcycling Short Film
Gentleducers at this tier will have access to "UP FOR GRABS!" posts. Every once in a while I'll have helmets, old parts, new parts, hats, shirts, stickers, and other random things that are "up for grabs". Patrons at this level will get first dibs on things I'll be sending to my audience for free... including private tours! It's not a giveaway, I just don't have room in my garage for all the stuff! All you've got to do is pay shipping.

Patrons at this level also get discounted access to the Moto Mansion, private tours, and motorcycle rentals (when available). Just send me a message and we'll set it up!




per Adventure Motorcycling Short Film

About eveRide

^^^^THIS PLAYLIST^^^^ contains a few examples of the style of video that I'd love your help to create. They're what I call "Short Films" or "Protovlogs".

THANK YOU for checking out my Patreon page! First and foremost, my content will ALWAYS be free. This Patreon campaign is for people who are willing to help me produce videos so that my best content can always remain free.
Want to contribute, but never send a dime? That's doable! The lifeblood of the channel is affiliate sales, so you can help fund the channel by using the links to shop at https://everideADV.com

Want to become a Gentleducer? Here's what you need to know!

Patrons won't pay on a monthly basis or for every video.  I'm seeking patronage only for cinematic, informational, high value videos. Cinematic shorts don't include motovlogs, sponsored content, updates, basic builds/wrenching, or sales/affiliate content. They may be tips or tricks videos, unsponsored reviews, trail/adventure guides, product advice, motorcycle research, or (my favorite) inspirational short films that convey my passion for adventure and motorcycling.

If you'd like to support ALL KINDS of videos, including motovlogs, simple wrenching, and short product reviews, there's a better way! Patreon is great, but their fees are pretty high. If you'd like to contribute monthly and support a variety of videos with less fees, check out https://www.everideadv.com/contribute for more info. 

Patronage starts at just $1 per short film, and I only plan to produce one to three short films per month. For the mathematically challenged (like myself) that's just $1-3 per month. In any case, you can cap the amount of short films you fund per month so you'll never go over budget. Take care of yourself, your family, and your motorcycle before giving money to some dude on the internet!

So why Patreon? 
First, because it allows me to easily give back to the gentleducers with some awesome perks! (Check them out to the right!)
Second, my audience wanted me to! (Including the most important gentletuber, my wife!) In surveys, over 90% of you guys wanted a balance between fan-funded and sponsored content, and you were in favor of fan funding 16 to 1!
And third, I've struggled with this decision for a long time. Before fan funding, to support my family, I've been making a lot of review videos, affiliate product videos, and sponsor videos. These are great and they get a lot of views, but I'd love to get back to making creative short films again and really unleash my editing/storytelling skills. Unfortunately, when I do spend the time to create short films based on a passion for adventure motorcycling and not keywords/content, I lose time and money because they are more art than business. They are created for the sake of inspiration and enjoyment, not for sales. They're beautiful (to some), but not profitable. It's a bummer, but to keep creating content I have to make videos that put food on the table.

So Patreon is the place to support the creation of only cinematic short films, protovlogs, and unsponsored content. Nothing else. With your contributions, I can ease up on the "sales" video content and create more awesome cinematic videos and short films based on a genuine passion for adventure motorcycling.

So thank you! And I mean it when I say it, MUCH LOVE!

$500 of $1,500 per Adventure Motorcycling Short Film

If I reach and maintain this goal, I'll do a special patron-only survey with several awesome ADV destinations. Pick one, and send me there to make a full series of ADV cinematics!
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