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About Evert Ramos

I love to automate things. To do that I mainly use bash scripting in real life. This is being going for a while now and I decided to open source some of my project which I have being working on for myself.

So, we will have a bunch of automation scripts which will help to sort out many problems in automation your daily routine you might with to have some more time to focus in what really matter! (family, health, spirituality and hobby)

We will start with the following:

1. Docker nginx proxy automation (previous called: docker-compose-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion)


This script you will be able to get the nginx-proxy running in your server in a few seconds totally automated, after you have at least docker and docker-compose installed.

2. Basescript


This scripts will have a lot of work to do to get in full production, but most of them I have being using myself quiet a while now.

There is some ideas:

3. Server Automation

- run a ssh access to all wordpress sites limited to each container per user/client
- ftp access limited to each container per site/client
- backup and restor
- cloning (copy whole site) to a new url

4. Server Automation API

We will use Laravel as backend to automate the server functions to in automation scripts.

> I will record a video showing what we have today soon. Thanks!

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