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Welcome to Everybody Edits!
We're very pleased you could drop by our Patreon!

Everybody Edits is a free 2D online multiplayer sandbox level-building game with a greatly creative community producing a huge range of fun and engaging worlds, along with artistic flair and style! Players can edit levels themselves, or build collaborations with friends... or everybody!

So why have we started a Patreon? Well, we're working on a brand new version of Everybody Edits! It's currently playable in Flash, but we want to bring the game up-to-date by launching a version called Everybody Edits Universe in HTML5! In order to do this though, we need various funding in order to pay for domains, servers, staff, equipment, and advertising. We want to be able to grow the game and its community so we can have even more fun with more people creating quality levels!

Naturally, we know you'll want to know where your money's going, so here are the planned breakdowns based on our various goals:
We really want to build up enough funding to increase our advertising budgets to such an extent that we're able to save up to go to Gamescom in Germany! We can show off and demonstrate Everybody Edits to thousands of people in person, aiming to enhance our community to be greater than ever!

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we'd love to see you in-game!

$202 of $500 per month
Server Costs Covered!

By reaching $500/month, we can assure that Everybody Edits Universe can live on with regular updates! These funds cover unlimited data monthly server costs, along with any other necessary regular monthly payments.

At this point, I will also put the time in to creating a Patron-exclusive monthly update vlog about how progress on Everybody Edits is going!
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