Mike Evans Jr

is creating Political Stand Up Comedy - Creative Consulting - Script Writing
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About Mike Evans Jr

I'm determined to save the world with my art, whether or not you decide to help me. I dedicate the majority of my time to Stand Up Comedy, but like Quincey Jones I have a lot of interests in supporting artists and activists who I believe have the potential to save the world too.

I believe that poetry, comedy, movies, literature and music all have the ability to heal humanity through this turbulent time in history. An investment in me is an investment into the diverse communities of San Francisco who scream for a chance to be heard, but simply can't afford it.

At 24 years old, I'm a college educated stand up comedian and MC who has performed at all of the major comedy clubs in the Bay Area, including ; Cobbs Comedy Club , Punchline Comedy Club and Tommy T’s. I'm known around Northern California as the artist/activist comedian as I've been featured on multiple music albums and have hosted more concerts and more community fundraisers than most comics at my age. In 2017, I became the youngest board member to join Homeless Children's Network Non-Profit , which generates the highest amount of assistance to at risk youth in the Bay Area. My role at HCN is to creatively come up with ways to make donating to charity cool. I'm currently organizing a concert fundraiser that would integrate both artists with star power to perform alongside local artists from the community. 

The two Links below are my feature in the "San Francisco Chronicle" Newspaper, and a video description of the positive impact Homeless Children's Network makes on San Francisco's youth.

In 2015 I co-founded "Old Soul Kollective"- a performing arts collective that has worked with Ghostface Killah and Raekwon The Chef of the WuTang Clan, social justice warrior and hiphop legend Equipto, 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, members of Joey Bada$$'s former Hiphop crew Pro Era, and The Hieroglyphics. Old Soul Kollective (OSK) is currently working on their first collaborative album, but each artist involved has released substantial projects that I've partially influenced.

My personal sense of humor leans more towards crude political and relationship humor , but I have the strong ability to adapt to any situation as I've also performed for political campaigns, Churches, Retirement Homes, Colleges and High schools. When I originally started telling jokes, I didn't plan on airing out my perspective on how I felt about politics of the world. It wasn't until David Talbot (author of "Season of The Witch" and "Brothers") requested that I tell high brow political jokes for one of his grassroots events. Over the last five years I've been involved in the creation of a film his son Joe Talbot made about our mutual friend entitled “The Last Black Man in San Francisco". I didn't know a thing about film at the time, but Joe realized how important my perspective on the film would be, so I joined the team as a Creative Consultant. In 2019 the film won the highest awards in its category at Sundance Film Festival, and is still currently in theaters receiving rave reviews from critics around the world.

At the moment I don’t have any recent videos of my stand up comedy, but I'm currently writing, directing, producing and starring in my first 1 Hour comedy special set to come out Winter 2019. This will be my biggest project to date as it will showcase all aspects of my creativity and allow me to further market himself as I plan to move to the biggest stage in the US; New York City in the beginning of 2020.

Right now I spend Monday through Friday working specifically with kids with learning disabilities as a middle school teacher in the heart of San Franciscos Unified School District. At the same time, I'm working late nights to perfect my craft to perform in front of a 400 person audience at my comedy special. Your investment in me will save me the stress of having to pick up a third and fourth job, and instead allow me to focus on making a kick ass show for all generations to enjoy.

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