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The beginning and only tier to our page at the moment. As follower loyalty increases, we'll begin including tiers such as: Overloaders, Pug Life and The Lovers of Interracial.

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About Everyday Overload

We are two strapping old fellers of Anglo-Saxon and Chinese descent who have traveled from the past to start a podcast in order to raise enough money to send back to our families. The president cannot build a wall around a time rift!

Seriously though, we enjoy the hell out of doing this podcast! We want to further our venture into this project, which takes time and money. Our episodes have been very loose and off-the-cuff material. To take it to the next level, we're going to have to write, plan and update the equipment we currently have (which is minimal). If we could do this all day, everyday...you know we would! So, any support towards our goals would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! In the future, depending on the success and feedback, we plan on offering merchandise to you guys! Of course, it would be at a discount to you loyal friends of ours! We look forward to continuing on this little journey! THANKS!

Blake & Justin
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At 50 patrons, we want to implement youtube into one of our categories of content. Having that amount of patrons would help fund the equipment necessary to do so.
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