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update 8/24

after much time i realized that taxation textboko and intuit proconnect is a useless fucking peice of shit if u wnat ot blame anything in life blame them everyone we need to ban together and screw that industry over their inabilty to explain anything 

http://mybusinesscourse.com is a useless stupid textbook run from any professor using they don't teach jack shit go ahead comment on my post and let me know

beware people I am just a regular man but i know when things are screwed over look at the ppl supporting me at this time no one is giving anything so i don't have to worry about what really is to be shown 

update 8/11
find me some where else now i'm nomadic now for some support here is my litecoin

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fyi i don't drink coffee its going to cheap food

update 7/19

broken computer please fund,

no full PC so no new content

Lets start with some information that might be useful to you, then we can add some more complexity never any politics here, don't come here for that.

Offers: As someone with a 9-5 job this page will have more quick content sort of like short texting convos about things you may or may not have realize and maybe I can input my reaction to it. 

Or maybe you want something random or you though of something random send that content to me I will write about it and be the strawman against the irrelevance of your company. 

Maybe you want to talk about Amanda Palmer, a bit intensive but the first video you see he has after clicking youtube link "runs in the family" seems way too old you can tell that she was using her best w/ the technical musics like anything even remotely near EDM music

also you might be shocked to see youtube new feature didn't work that well on it if you haven't seen the official channel consolidation hasn't worked if their record lable seems to be different. 

yes I know it steers away badly her its because she is one of the top patreon users and I'm studying how to make the most out of this platform 

her new song "voicemail  for jill" shows the direction she wants to go to sems to have more techniques 

next maybe I'll talk about intermediate accounting as a student I think it would take up alot of your time as a class so I guess you can try to think about it more in order to input it in to your subconscious. 

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