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I remember clearly singing along with You’re So Vain in our family room, pointing my finger at my reflection in our sliding glass door and knowing at the moment I wanted to be a singer when I grew up.

I was starting high school the year my father left our family. I sang Easy To Be Hard from the Hair movie soundtrack over and over to help me get through and heal the pain.

After I signed my divorce papers I listened to Rodney Crowell’s album, Life Is Messy everyday for an entire year.

It took more than a month after my brother’s tragic death before I could listen to music again. Walking through Hyde Park, the song that saved my life and gave me a new perspective was Grace by U2.

This is the impact of music in my life.

It’s so profound and important to me that I’ve spent the last 30 years creating music for myself and for others. Some people tend to think the life of an artist is one of luxury. I wish that it was…but honestly being an artist is a battle…an inner and outer war. The outer war of trying to stay unique and relevant in a world of other great creators and the inner war of being terrified to truly be seen and stand out. When you are born to be an artist it feels more like a responsibility; a necessity that consumes your life.

Can you imagine your life, your days, your moments without music? It’s amazing how music’s impact on our lives hasn’t diminished; yet the creation of music is becoming less and less supported. There’s a tremendous impact on the world that’s already begun. Profound artists have stopped creating simply because they can’t provide for their families.

This is why I love Patreon. It creates a unique opportunity for artists like myself to continue to bring powerful music into the world. In an industry that has changed so much over the 30 years I’ve been doing this, one that only values young artists and commercial profits, it’s tempting to say my time is done. But surprisingly, I actually feel more called to share and give what I’ve learned in my 50+ years. Now, more than ever, music is needed for unity, for our voices to be heard, for connecting to one another, for healing and for love.

And that is why we need to change the way we support music.

For those who have felt the impact of music like I have, who want to be a part of creating more of it, join me here on Patreon. As a member, you can experience the inside of being part of the creation of music. You will receive exclusive behind the scenes photos and videos of what I do at my concert events and in the studio. You can join in philanthropy projects that are also part of this endeavor helping those in need in our communities. You’ll even have an opportunity to become a better artist yourself if you want to take a voice or songwriting lesson with me.

As the world changes we need to change if we want to continue the power of essential music that marks moments in time in our lives. I invite you to be a part of something bigger than all of us and help bring more love into the world. Please check out my membership levels that start at $5 a month and become a patron of the arts today.

Thank you for your support, xoxo, eve

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