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Passionated software developer with years of practice, I am looking to increase my target audience and increase revenues related to my open source activities for eVias Services.

We produce open source software, articles, technical documentation, distributed ledger research documents and we are about to open a Youtube Channel to produce Videos on topics surrounding web development, programming practices and DIY with hardware.

You can find most of our open source work at Github: https://github.com/evias and https://github.com/evias-services

Also, make sure to checkout our blog to read latest articles: https://evias.be/blog

With our passion, it is possible for us to spend very much time doing all sorts of things around Software & Hardware including the topics enumerated above. But we don't do this out of commitment, we mostly do it out of pure research- & knowledge- addiction, programming-lust|envy, call it high tech fanatism if you will. 

We have now opened a room apart, codenamed r00m-88 - in a request to honour my year of birth, that is (sorry :D) - in which we plan to produce Videos for Software Programming beginners, and for DIY-lovers (Do It Yourself) - for which we are working on hobby prototypes for in-house digitalization.

Time has come that I try to get covered monthly for my open source activities. I do this out of passion, and I do have a day job that I love (2019: Head of Development at NEM Foundation - https://forum.nem.io/t/new-acting-head-developer-for-the-nem-foundation/22399/4 ) and that I will not quit in any way.

What I intend to do with Patreon and in getting patrons, is to try to make my activities for eVias Services, which are entirely open source and public, sustainable. In fact, I believe that me and my team can produce great content to share across many communities, and we intend to put [all] our knowledge into this and would like to see if there is an opportunity for us to catch the Patreon train! :)

Thank you for reading this introduction, following will be a Q&A about our work and contributions on Patreon!


Why do we need a Patreon ?

With the fact that most of our work is public domain (open source), it is sometimes difficult to sustain without having the right Go-To-Market strategy and target audience definitions and/or marketing/sales team members. 

Our team has been active on several fronts including: gastronomy web software development, office management tool-suites development and network marketing software development. Most of our work is open source and can be viewed on our Github organization account.

What will we do with new Patrons joining ?

With more patrons joining the project, we will affect more time and sweat to our open source activities including :

  • Writing more articles about distributed ledger technology integrations
  • Creating more e-industry IoT prototypes and proof-of-concepts
  • Get started with our Codes in the Clouds youtube channel
  • Open Source more great software packages and maintain available software
  • Contribute more to open source researches and technical documentation efforts

What will YOU get ? (Patrons)

All patrons from the $5/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content, which you can digitally download and view as I post. At least once per month, you will receive one of the following:

  • A draft chapter of one of our forthcoming distributed ledger case articles;
  • A draft chapter of one of our forthcoming printed articles;
  • A draft version of a new research document, or a trunked research I'm actively revising;
  • A draft version of one of my forthcoming youtube channel videos.
Most of these need to be drafts unfortunately, because otherwise the stories will be "published" once I share them, and I may lose first publication rights. Still, my drafts are pretty clean and you'll see what I share with my writing group. 

Thank you for your Time!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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