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Stories are the way we find meaning, purpose, and a future direction for our lives. They help us piece together what has happened to us, what we have seen, and where we are going. Since 2009, I have been telling my story. The story of once being a completely devoted Pentecostal Christian and how my life changed as my faith began to erode and then suddenly and jarringly disintegrated. And the story of how I rose from those ashes to become a better human being.

By supporting me, you support the telling of that story. With all the lessons I learned, the evidence I found, and the meaning I created. You are also helping others find their purpose and future through the videos. For years, I have received numerous messages, sometimes many times a week, about how my videos helped someone deal with losing their faith, helped them understand how religious people think, inspired, entertained, and educated them, or even changed their mind. We live in a world where, through the Internet, supporting the communication of ideas makes a bigger difference than it ever has. By supporting me here, you are making that difference.


Q: How often will I pay?
A: You will only pay when I create a new video for the Why I Am No Longer a Christian series. I will probably make a new video once every 2 months. For the Visionary level, that is $5 per month. For the Professor level, it is $2.50 per month. For the Epsilon level, it is 50 cents per month.

Q: How can I stop paying if I need to?
A: You can change or delete your pledge at any time and you will only be charged for the next video you have committed to. You can change your pledge using these instructions. You can delete your pledge using these instructions, after which you will no longer be charged.

Q: If I pay for a higher level, do I get all the rewards for lower levels?
A: Yes.

Q: How much money will you actually make?
A: After taxes and fees, I'll make about 60% of the total amount committed per video. So for the $2,000 goal, I'll make a little over $1,000. For the $18,000 goal, I'll make a little over $10,000.

Q: How do I pay you for all the videos you already made?
A: I created 21 full-length (5 minutes or more) videos for the series Why I Am No Longer a Christian before starting this Patreon account. You can pay me whatever you like by donating via the PayPal. An Epsilon level payment would be $21. Just remember: your commitment to future videos is more important to me than repayment for the past.

$1,437 of $2,000 per video
I will continue and finish the mental boot camp of the Atheism section and step into the unexpected twists and turns that followed it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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