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For those who want to become a part of something greater. Your name will be added to the Epsilon List of my website and you will gain exclusive access to the communicati...

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For those who push for more. Listen to memorabilia from the Deconversion section, in the form of audio files that can be downloaded to any device.

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For those with greater passion. Listen to the audio files for the Atheism section and get continued access to the audio for all new sections that follow it.

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For those who dig deeper. Read, search, and quote moments from the Deconversion section of the series in beautiful ebook form.

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For those who venerate the pursuit of knowledge. Read, search, and quote the Atheism section and get new releases of ebooks for each new chapter in the series.

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For those who aim to inspire. Gain access to the best original images from the Deconversion section of the series.

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For those with a fierce commitment to extending our vision. Get continued releases of the best of the new, evolving, high-definition images of the series from Atheism and beyond.

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For the foundational benefactors. Your name (along with a website link of your choice, if desired) will be permanently memorialized in the video description and website...