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You will have my appreciation and gratitude, for doing what you can with what you have. I mean, you won't get anything in return except that, but my gratitude seems to somehow be important to some people. Why? Beats the hell out of me! 

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Over the years I've discovered that I have a passion for teaching. I like to show people new stuff - to see the brightness in their eyes when they simply grok something all of a sudden. I live for the light bulb moments where people understand shit.

So I've taken it upon myself to throw my passion out there for the benefit of you, the goddamn coding noob that knows nothing about nothing, and needs something better than a squeaky teenager using notepad++ on a background of techno music... you get the picture. I want you to enjoy your first steps into the coding world, with my soothing voice, professional yet funny demeanor, and the occasional coarse joke.

So yeah. I make great fucking tutorials. Do I give a shit about the money I get from Patreon? Well, yeah, it's a nice bonus to have. It might help me retire my 7-year old cheap-ass IKEA chair that's barely supporting me at this point. But I do it because I want to and because I love it, and for no other reason. Support me or not, I'm here for you, and once I'm done with you, you will kick ass!
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Help me build a studio! With this kind of extra income I can start thinking about replacing my 7-year old computer chair that's going to break at any moment. I can get a microphone and quality webcam for recording. and, I can turn one little part of my living room into an actual studio! Yeah yeah I have a studio now - but it's at work, belongs to work, and is not accessible on weekends and after hours. I wanna make MOAR!
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