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Milestone Goals
6 Milestone Goals
33% More Wor(l)ds
$5,500 per Adventure or World Created
At this level, we'll raise our word-count cap on our Worlds from 15,000 words to 20,000 words. That'll represent about 12-15 more pages on average, with the attendant increase in writing, editing, art direction, and art costs. With that increase, we'll be able to provide longer adventures, deeper setting details, expanded systems, and a few more pieces of gorgeous art. 
66% More Wor(l)ds
$7,000 per Adventure or World Created
At this level, we'll raise our word-count cap another 5,000 words to 25,000 words. Just like before, that'll add another 12-15 pages on average, paying for writing, editing, art direction, and art costs. If we've been leaving you craving greater depth with every release, this is the target to shoot for!
100% More Wor(l)ds
$8,500 per Adventure or World Created
At this level, we'll raise our word-count cap by 5,000 words a THIRD time, to 30,000 words. That's twice as many as our first wave were offered! At this point the new Worlds we develop under this milestone will be less "booklets" and more "books" in their own right, running 80-100 pages each!


Evil Hat started on a lark. When Fred and Rob created that first iteration of Fate on a road trip in 2000, they had no idea they were planting the seeds that would grow into a company. Since then, we’ve broken ground and won awards with RPG games like Fate Core, Spirit of the Century, and the Dresden Files RPG, as well as growing into tie-in fiction and board games. We hadn’t realized it until this moment, but somewhere along the way we developed a love of gardening metaphors. We’re not sure how that happened, but we’ll run with it.

Our company policies can be summed up pretty simply: Take care of your peeps, and your peeps will take care of you. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly evaluating how we can make this happen. Whether you’re a customer, an artist, or a Friendly Local Gaming Store, you’re a part of what makes this the heckloadiest fun ever. Recognizing that is important to us.

We treat our friends, fans, and freelancers like we want to be treated. Passion, access, honesty, transparency, and high-value awesomeness: that’s what we’re growing here at the Hat.


Silver Spring, MD, USA

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Fate Core made a big splash in 2013. We'd like your help making more adventures and more worlds for Fate and our Fate products in 2014 and beyond.

One thing we've heard in the past year from fans of Fate is that they'd like to see more adventures and campaign-starters. We get it! Not everyone has time to build a world and plan an adventure as their first steps—they want to hit the ground running, with something that's solid and vetted by official-seeming folks like us.

The challenge for us there is that we haven't seen a lot of drive for folks to buy adventure content when we've made it available in the past. We want to pay our writers, editors, and artists a fair wage on their work, so we've got to make sure that when we publish adventures, we've got the budget to do that.

That's where you come in.

Our plan is to create a series of adventures for Fate throughout the year. Most will be self-contained, though as time goes on we might come back to earlier ones and do a "second act" adventure for the big hits. Our word-count target per adventure is about 10,000 words (30-40 pages in our 6x9 format seen in the Fate Core line). If things go really well and we can get up to speed we'd like to release these at least one every other month, if not monthly, though we figure it'll take us some time to get started. When we publish them, we'll make them available Pay What You Want. To support that effort, we need a core group of folks who have put their faith in us to build the budget here on Patreon.
We know when you back a Patreon campaign you're making a big, bold statement that you're a big, bold fan of Fate and of Evil Hat. We're big, bold fans of you, too! And we'll do whatever we can to make these adventures worthy of your support. Thanks!

So What's a "Fate World & Adventure" Exactly?

You seek the elevator pitch! This is it:

"The FateAdventures & Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening."

How Will This Work?

Patreon is service where the payment you pledge to make gets processed monthly following a month where a project you back provides you with a "content update" — so you won't get charged for anything until we produce some results for you. 

We won't ever release more than one thing for this project in a month, but please feel free to cap your monthly contribution just in case!

What Stuff Might We See?

Venture City Stories, Secrets of Cats, Save Game, The Aether Sea, Romance in the Air, Psychedemia, Eagle Eyes, Sails Full of Stars, Gods and Monsters, Nest, Masters of Umdaar, and Slip have already been delivered. Your support means the rest of these become a reality!

The Frontier Spirit (by Nick Pilon): The Commonwealth has stood for thousands of years, but has only civilized a fraction of the galaxy. Despite its fantastic technology, life on an undeveloped colony world is still hard. Even before the problems of pirate raids, corporate claim-jumpers, and outlaw settlers, colonists have to deal with inadequate infrastructure, unpredictable terrain and weather, and the untamed Otherworld. Without the stable, millennia-old pacts tended by the Cosmic Priesthood, settlers have to make their own way in dealing with the spirit world, and with spirits unused to cohabiting with sentient races. Natural disasters, storms, subsistence, and even basic survival are all much harder when the world really is out to get you… Can you find a way for your colony to survive, or even thrive?

House of Bards (by Dave "The Game" Chalker, of Critical-Hits.Com and the Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide) It’s time again for elections for the people of Fitzleon, which means it’s time for you to finally get what you want. Whether you’re an ambitious career councilmember trying to elevate your status to the Emperor’s right hand, an idealistic candidate trying to break in for the first time, a member of the Inquisition trying to ensure fair elections, or a reporter trying to uncover the real truth, now is the time to act! A political thriller set in a fantasy land, taking inspiration from such series as Discworld and the Gentlemen Bastards.

The Three Rocketeers (by PK Sullivan): The Queen’s enemies have disbanded the Rocketeers but duty cannot be set aside so easily. The Rocketeers now work from the shadows to protect the queen from threats both foreign and domestic. A deadly cabal of nobles and clergy threaten to usurp Her Majesty Queen Marie-Hélène’s throne and hand Gallia over to Pope Regulus IV. Only you and your compatriots can unravel the conspiracy. Journey through the Holy Roman Stellar Empire and the worlds of Britannica Solaria. Foreign spies and papal agents lurk in every shadow as the trap draws ever closer. A sharp blade and sharper wits will serve you well as interstellar powers play the game of puppets and shadows. The fate of the crown is in your hands. All for one and one for all!

Venture City Powers (by Brian Engard & Ed Turner): A follow-up resource for Venture City Stories, this supplement will detail a bunch of pre-built powers and power suites for use with the system and setting.

The Benthic Frontier: Adventure and Peril in the Deep, Dark Blue (by Lore Graham & Mike Olson): In the near future, when most of the Earth’s land has been stripped of its resources, an intrepid few look to the depths of the oceans for energy and precious metals. This new frontier carries as many dangers as it does opportunities, including the crushing pressure, colossal squids, and ruthless tactics of Quest, Inc. Even your own ship will betray you if you let your energy or oxygen dwindle, threatening your navigation systems, lights, engine, and life support itself. How far down are you willing to go?

Blood On The Trail (by Shoshana Kessock, author of the Fate Worlds setting No Exit): Travel in the Wild West was always dangerous, but especially dangerous when it's infested with vampires. As settlers begin pushing into the unexplored territories on their way to California, they discover the truth about why the Native American tribes have gone quiet and stopped fighting: the wilds have become infested with creatures out to feast on blood. Players are part of a group of explorers heading from one settlement to another. On top of the usual problems with weather, sickness, wild animals and deprivation, during the night they must worry about being stalked by undead. It's a race for civilization and security with death behind every shadow. American Vampire meets Oregon Trail.

Sisiutl’s Children (by Sophie Lagace): “If you will stare fear in the face, I will be at your back. Together, we will stand up to the Devourers.”  The great spirit Sisiutl has taken it upon himself to help humankind grow in wisdom and strength. He sees light and dark in each soul, and coaxes out the light or punishes evil. Those he finds worthy become heroes — protectors of the Coastal People and mediators with the Spirit World. Bonded with the great water dragons that are Sisiutl’s progeny, they will fight monsters, arbitrate disputes, harvest knowledge, and face the darkness in their own souls. Sisiutl’s Children is a Pacific Northwest fantasy setting based on the coastal Native cultures — Haida, Kwakwaka'wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth and others — mixed with the dragon-riding tales of Naomi Novik and Anne McCaffrey, where the heroes battle supernatural threats to protect their clan. Will you ride the dragon into battle or will you be the dragon?

Tick-Tock Templars (by Brie Sheldon & Clark Valentine): Tick-Tock Templars is a time-hopping planar adventure, where a group of heroes from across Earth’s history try to save the universe from extra-dimensional mechanical nightmares attempting to convert the entire multiverse into components of a single colossal predestination engine. The archangels, inscrutable beings of immense power, are positioned to aid the humans in their quest, but have agendas and motivations of their own, beyond easy human understanding. Gather your historic heroes, calibrate your dimensional aethertram, and save the universe!

Nitrate City (by Doselle Young & Bill White): Nitrate City is a place where elements of Film Noir and classic Universal movie monsters combine with explosive results. Play a member of ‘The Night Squad,’ a unique off-the-books crime-fighting task force. Night Squad members are slick Private Eyes and hulking Thugs, cigarette smoking Fatales and deadly hit men. Others are vampires, werewolves, mummies and creatures from beneath the darkest waters. Your work will be opposed at every move by a secret society of criminals called ‘The Consortium,’ led by notorious criminal Victor Stitch, aka Frankenstein’s Mobster. Can you survive this action-packed, celluloid landscape?

Andromeda (by Bill White): Humanity has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy, having fled across the gulf between the stars in great slower-than-light space arks at relativistic speeds to escape the wavefront of a devastating explosion of the Milky Way’s core. Aboard their world-ship, the player-characters pursue secret centuries-spanning agendas on behalf of the powerful factions that shape shipboard society. They must strive to outmaneuver their human rivals and deal with the alien empires and other dangers from Andromeda that resist the arrival of human beings. The PCs are Zelaznyesque heroes who command solar-scale tools and planet-shattering weapons, with lifespans that encompass the rise and fall of civilizations, as they seek to make a new home for humanity in a hostile galaxy.

Under the Table 
(by Pete Woodworth): Arthurian mythology meets Prohibition era gangster fiction in this retelling of the Round Table set in a magic-infused alternate timeline. The players are poised to join the inner circle — sorry, round table — of the most powerful bootlegging operation in the country, but things are tipping bad in Camelot, Illinois and pretty soon the whole thing may just come tumbling down. A little bit of magic, a little bit of luck, a lot of hard fighting and a whole lot of blood built this empire, but now the heat is coming down and betrayal, vengeance and old grudges are boiling up. Honor and loyalty only go so far before the knives come out. Will you save the kingdom, tear it down — or take it for yourself? 

Morts (by Ed Turner): So, the zombie apocalypse, uh, happened. By all accounts it was a rough one, too, but that was, like, a hundred years ago. It’s time to move on already. Okay, and when the dead rose, all sorts of ancient necromantic and summoning rituals started working again, and the world was suddenly dotted with lich kings and demon lords but it’s like, yeah Grandpa, you know it was way better back when the dead stayed dead, but you got a job to do, you know? City gates won’t guard themselves. That's where you come in: you’re one of the Morticians. It’s a minimum-wage gig but it’s always hiring... you get a shotgun, a couple of chintzy ritual components, and a chewed-up leather jacket and now, when zombies come a-shamblin’, you and the other surly, undertrained teenagers get to be the first line of defense. It’s Land of the Dead meets Ghostbusters, but with a healthy dose of “really crappy first job” thrown in.

Knights of Invasion (by Richard Bellingham): Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s sorely tested when aliens attack. Your kingdom is at the brink of war and its people are restless. A tournament has been arranged to celebrate the King’s birthday and an envoy from the enemy kingdom will be attending the festivities. Just when it seems war might yet be averted, strange lights are seen in the sky and a terrifying alien invasion begins. When knights and pike-men do battle with little green men, who will be victorious? What happens when you use a trebuchet on acid-filled insect creatures? Can the rival kingdoms put aside their problems and work together or will one side use the chaos of the situation to their own advantage? This adventure will include a toolkit of alien agendas and creature features so that the invasion will be different every time.

Good Neighbors (by Paul Stefko): The Fair Folk have lived in peace with the humans of Still Hollow for centuries. When the locals forget the bargains and customs, the Folk make mischief until the humans set matters right. But now, outsiders are coming into Still Hollow in search of gas deep beneath the earth. These newcomers do not respect the old ways. Their machines disturb the dwellings of the Fair Folk. And the filth that seeps into the ground around their wells is deadly. In Good Neighbors, players take on two roles: a human who must deal with the politics of this new industry, and a fairy who feels the full spiritual damage. Can human laws make Still Hollow safe again? Or must the Fair Folk enact their own justice?

The Ghost Planets (by Don Bisdorf): Yeah, kid, I know the recruiters didn’t warn you about this. But if we don’t get these symbols deciphered and this door open in five minutes, we’ll be stuck out here when the next solar flare hits, and you don’t want that, trust me. Besides, this is the third planet where we’ve found a vault like this, and it must mean something — whoa, keep your head down! Jacks, give us some covering fire! No, kid, I don’t know who’s shooting at us. Might be scavengers, but they seem too well-armed for that. Those are military class weapons, but I can’t imagine who — what’s that? You’re sure it’s this crystal, not that one? Okay, stay clear — hey, that did it! And no booby traps this time. Never mind, I’ll tell you later. Everyone inside! We’ve got archaeology to do!

Rumpelstiltskin's Ruin (by Tara Zuber): When Rumpelstiltskin stamped his foot so hard he tore himself in two, he ripped up the land beneath him, cracking it open down to the core. The King and Queen need some brave people to explore the crack in the earth, stop the monsters from emerging, and find some treasure to replace all of the gold that has returned to straw. Little do they know, that the crack has opened up passage to the underworld—a land rich with magic and problems of its own to solve. Rumpelstiltskin's Ruin stitches together lesser known fairy tales from Scotland, Norway, Germany, Russia, and other places with some original additions. You play as the company of would-be heroes who descend into the underworld of fairy tales, only to discover that your simple mission (kill monsters, get loot) is anything but. How will you get involved in the affairs below? And what will you give up to return above?

Uranium Chef (by Dave Joria): It's a big universe out there, but around every star, on every planet, the old saying holds true... we all gotta eat! You are one of the most influential, inspired, or infamous chefs in the quadrant, and you have accepted the offer to cook on Uranium Chef, the most popular cooking/bloodsport show on the Neutrowave. Tighten your apron straps and hold on tight, as you'll have to survive surprise ingredients, full-contact kitchen combat, and the snootiest food critics in five dimensions. Will you wow the judges? Can you woo the audience? Do you have what it takes to be crowned the new Uranium Chef—or will you get the chop? It's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" meets "Top Chef"!

How'd The First Year Go?

Great! Read about it here: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1396304

What's Next?

Pledges have steadily crept towards $4000 and have hovered just above that mark for some time. After fees, that just shy of covering our average digital production costs running between $3500-4200, including writing, editing, development consultation, art, and art direction; Fred's layout is covered by his general Evil Hat salary, so that doesn't add to our costs.

That said, we'd like to make these worlds bigger, if you're willing to show us that it's wanted. You can read about our plans for that in this linked post.
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