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About Evilzombie

I'm zombie and welcome to my patreon page! I am an uber geek in many categories and love creating things for you to enjoy. Thanks for supporting me and I really do hope you have fun with my content. My goal will always be to make stuff for you to enjoy and to continue to increase quality as much as I can whenever I can.
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Zombie Costume
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Slow and lumbering, but hungry for bloody flesh. Members of this tier will receive early access to the podcast episodes before their usual Friday release date as well as receiving rewards in the previous tier.
Evilzombie hoard
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Bloodshot eyes, a hunger for flesh and day old pizza, as well as a craving for all things tech. Members of this tier will receive access to dramatic readings that will only be found on my patreon, early access to chapters of stories I write as well as receiving rewards in both the previous tiers.
The second wave
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Survivors thought they killed the hoard, but you, the second wave of the undead hoard, come down upon them. Members of this tier will receive specific mention in videos as a supporter and sponsor as well as receiving rewards in all the previous tiers.
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When I start making $150 per month I will start making major upgrades to my recording setup and environment to bring you a much better quality all around. I will also give 10% to a church or charity.
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