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About Evolusi 3D


I'm Eric from Evolusi 3D - Enchanted your Game Play

Very happy to be able to share my experience and creation on making Board game Insert and Accessory by using the advantage of 3D Printer

I play many Board game in my life enjoy the game play of various wonderful game

BUT!!! it is often that nice game have so many component which required time to set up, and tidy up the board game after finish playing. 

Honestly It's really annoying that we have so much work to tidying things once we finish the game play.... And more.... it's get even stressful when some item or token are missing from our beloved board game

So Thats come the greatest 3D PRINTER help me to make creation of Board Game insert to make is easy to set up and tidy up the game....

MORE than that.... Proper board game Insert can enchanted the game play with the right design and use for the game. 

I'm proud to present all of my Board game Insert and Accessory creation and I'm sure It will be very useful for you! 
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When I reach $1000 per month.

I’ll start make give away program of our product to our patreon for every month!
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