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Thank you! You will have access to my Patreon only stream. I will check this on a regular basis and interact with frequently. 

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I will follow you on Twitter at this level! Let's TWEET! ;)

$5 /creation
With most songs & videos I release, I will also create a karaoke track & make it available to you upon your request*. Some songs will be released, for purchase, to the public at a ...

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Google Hangouts every few months, where we can talk about:  Anything you'd like to know! When I started singing; how I met Peter ;) why I started YouTube; how I make my videos; biggest inspirations...

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This is a new one! I'm so excited to feature you on my NEW website: www.evynnehollens.com! Send me a photo, & your beautiful face AND name will appear on my website! Not to mention all the rewa...

$50 Producers

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All Patrons at this level and above will be included in scrolling "thank you" credits at the end of my videos. I am excited to include your names to the music videos that you support. It is because...

$100 Patreon Level

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I will give you a one hour voice lesson after each video I release at this level. This can be anything from us working on vocal coaching, to a full blown vocal lesson! We can conduct this lesson ...