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I don’t define myself as anything because I don't know how to. Does anyone really know how to define themselves? Does anyone know who they are? However, some have described me as: philosopher, filmmaker, author, writer, composer, photographer, poet, artist, alchemist, and/or other various roles. You can consider me as any of these roles. Or not. It’s all the same.




Note to Creatives: You have my permission to use any of my music, photos, readings, poems and videos (but not my short films), so long as you credit me and link back to www.ewen-munro.com. You do not need to contact me to do this. You can copy/grab/download any of these materials through the following links:
Music: https://www.ewen-munro.com/music
Photos: https://www.ewen-munro.com/photos
Readings: https://www.ewen-munro.com/readings
Poems: https://www.ewen-munro.com/poems
Videos: https://www.ewen-munro.com/videos

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Reaching this goal will mean that I don't have to work for other people and can just spend my time creating content. This is goal is the dream. :-)
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