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I am creating free tutorial for everyone and will be doing so if i survive (means you gotta support me)

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About Excel 10 Tutorial

Excel 10 Tutorial focuses on Microsoft Excel. In this channel i will be providing tutorials for both beginners and advance users. I will be covering excel vba, functions, formulas, graph, macros, pivot table, chart and everything else that is excel-ly possible. This channel is like an online excel training platform where I will focus on solving different problems using Microsoft Excel.

But i do have a family and i need to take care of them too. I need a lot of time to prepare these tutorials. I am doing everything alone. I have to research, select, prepare, produce, share every content alone. Also there is a lot of works running on background.

So. I need your SUPPORT to manage all this and this is why i am here. Be sure to kind enough to join me here and support me. Support Tier starts from $1 only. Now can you spare $1 for me? You are just a click away from supporting this channel. Your support will be Appreciated, Remembered and also rewarded. You are already here that means you care for me so don't leave without supporting the channel. 

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Thanks for rescuing me. Love the way you love.
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