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About The Exchange Network

A more creative Christchurch in a more sustainable way.

By contributing, little by little, we can afford to do great things.
Your subscription funds the support we offer the creative industries, new ideas and projects, and local emerging arts and creative communities.

"The Arts brings meaning to life, its the spirit of our culture, it brings people together, supports creativity and social cohesion. But, If the arts contribute this much to our economy, why then do
we still invest so little in arts and artists?" Hadi Eldebek TEDx Talk

There is no doubt every city is affected by a thriving arts scene. The economy, tourism, business development, wellbeing, and sense of community are all affected by how creative a city is and appears to be. We feel many of the problems in Christchurch could be solved or at least relieved if more effort was put into supporting the emerging creative industries. 

Starting off as a creative space that in Christchurch NZ in 2014, Exchange became a place for artists to connect, make, showcase and share creative works. 
We've been a launchpad for creative projects and a home for artists and creative thinkers. Now, we're growing, and want to share what we've learned, offer our learnings, share our excitement and journey with you.
We've had thousands of people come through and experience the magic of an "exchange", a conversation, an idea, feedback, an opportunity; now we're inviting people to contribute their ideas and resources. the full story.

venue x studios x accommodation x kitchen x gallery
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