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is creating the sword and sorcery and identity exploring webcomic EXIERN!
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About Scott T. Hicken

While rescuing a princess a misogynistic barbarian is turned into a woman himself by an evil wizard.

It's easy to think the above summary is all there is to Exiern, but since it was started in in 2005 by Drowemos the webcomic has become so much more. Barbarian Typhan-Knee's transformation into the buxom "Tiffany" hilariously skewered the tropes of barbarian fiction, but the characters and story have grown beyond simple parody, using a classic sword-and-sorcery fantasy setting to explore what makes us who we are, and how willing we are to fight for what we believe.

And also to be funny, still.

When Drowemos retired from his creation he passed it on to me, Scott T. Hicken, for management. Not ready to write it myself, reader Chemiclord stepped up. After a sweeping and dramatic story line, Chemiclord stepped down and I took over as writer and editor on July 1st, 2014. Recently we also brought on a new artist, Antipus, to bring Exiern's story to life.

Exiern is free to read both here and at our website, Pledging to Exiern allows us to keep producing this unique comic. Your rewards inside are Early Access to the main story line, spin-off comics, and retro bonuses from long ago. Thank you for your readership and support!

Who's The Who I Should Know?
Want to read the current story line but don't know where to start? Read on!
Currently our heroes are traveling to the Docklands, where they will board a ship headed to the far-away island of Cardis'Das. Typh, after going outside the law to castrate a high-ranking pedophile, has been banished there. Princess Peonie has been assigned as a Royal Representative to the international island port. And Captain Phi, Peonie's "secret" lover, has been made her new bodyguard after Typh quit. They are accompanied by the dragonling Alicia, who has been promised to be told the last known whereabouts of her brother Denver. But Typh doesn't trust Alicia's motives, and there is no doubt something will go down between them!

What if I can't pledge anything?
Just read, read, read! We at Exiern will always be happy just to have readers, which is why the main story will always be available to everyone! If you really like certain pages, share them! The more readers Exiern has talking about it and sharing the more it will grow, and in the end all we want is for people to read and enjoy!
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