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You are an Exmoor Patron!

$1 /mo
Welcome on board! You are now officially an Exmoor Patron and a rather awesome human being. 

Apart from our eternal gratitude you will also receive Patrons-only updates. We will celebrate your f...


Coffee anyone?

$3 /mo
As a thank you for your commitment, you will receive a 227g bag of ground Miles Coffee (roasted in Porlock, Exmoor) from us on your first anniversary of becoming an Exmoor Patron.

You will also ...


Tea for Five

$5 /mo
We really, really appreciate what you do, and that's why we will add a box of 40 Miles Tea bags into your anniversary parcel, hoping that you will think of Exmoor when you sit down with a cuppa.

The Exmoor Cup

$10 /mo
No point having tea and coffee, if you don't have your very special Exmoor Patron mug! These mugs are special and will not be available for purchase anywhere. And you'll get a new one every year to...

Exmoor Quarterback

$25 /mo

* In addition to the previous rewards you will receive a free Exmoor4all calendar from us as soon as we receive it back from the printer. 

* A 25% discount on all our publications.


Exmoor Hero

$50 /mo
 * Not all heroes wear capes, but all Exmoor heroes wear caps! We'll send you an exclusive Exmoor Hero hat on the anniversary of your patronage. If you stick around, we'll be adding special bags, u...

Exmoor Centurion

$100 /mo
We will be your personal Exmoor specialist: You can contact me direct via mobile & WhatsApp for tips and tours. 

We will be offering free & discounted tickets for our own events via our ...


Exmoor Champion

$1,000 /mo
We'll invite you and your partner to Exmoor for a luxurious five-night-stay in a top accommodation, with meals in award-winning restaurants (amongst them at least one Michelin starred one) and spec...