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is creating videos on unusual places around the world.

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Thanks for the support and it really does mean a lot! 

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Thanks for the support and it really does mean a lot!

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About Exploring With Josh

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I love to take risks and explore places that not many people have seen or witnessed, especially abandoned places! My goal is to capture some of the rarest spots all around the world and document them for you all to see! There's been places I've filmed that were either burned down or demolished. BUT because I have the video of the place we are still preserving history in another way!
Abandoned/Lost places are beautiful and my goal is to show you that side of it. Apart from that I also do travel videos where I vlog my experiences and give you guys ideas on places to visit.
BUT there's one problem!!!!


In order to make the videos I've been making it requires a lot of money and time. I spend atleast 10 hours total (after traveling and editing) to make each video. It's a full day of work! The cost of gas and plane tickets add up extremely quick.

While I don't have much to offer right now, I will be adding rewards in the near future! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this far and help me achieve my dreams!

-Explorers For Life

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